Wan Yuanxi,the dean of Nuclear Science and Technology School, is elected as academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering

  • [2009-12-03]
  • The Chinese Academy of Engineering released  2009 newly elected 48 academicians list on December 2,2009. Wan Yuanxi, the dean of School of Nuclear Science and Technology, was elected to be academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.
    Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the highest title of academic and honor in the area of Chinese Engineering and Technology, is a kind of full affirmation of the person's achievements and contributions coming from hard work for years.

    USTC is always adhere to the concept "top-quality education,training elite".  A large number of graduates make outstanding contributions, domestic or overseas, in science and technology, economy, education etc ,which has earned good reputation—"the cradle of science and technology talents"  for our university.

    According to preliminary statistics, 44 graduates from USTC  have been elected as Academician of  Chinese Academy of Science or the Chinese Academy of Engineering so far.

    PS:Brief Biography of WAN YuanXi:

    Wan Yuanxi, the researcher of Institute of Plasma Physics of China, the dean of School of Nuclear Science and Technology of USTC. He has engaged in the research of plasma physics for a long time, especially in the charge of the design and construction of superconducting tokamak of nuclear fusion for the major national science project "EAST". He led the team to design, develop and manufacture all key parts and the whole superconducting tokamak with magnetic field configuration independently for nearly 10 years.His proposal of a advanced assembly scheme took the lead in obtaining a stable, repetition and controllable high temperature plasma discharge from the whole superconducting tokamak device ,which made the difficulty and risky whole system assembled successfully.