The first conference of Integration Design Group of Magnetic Confinement Fusion Reactor(preparing)was held in our collge

  • [2011-03-31]
  • The first conference of Integration Design Group of Magnetic Confinement Fusion Reactor(preparing)was held in School of Nuclear Science and Technology in March 29. Ministry of Science and Basic Research Division Director of a major research program Fu Xiaofeng, Vice President of USTC Zhu Changfei attended the meeting .Integration Design Group of Magnetic Confinement Fusion Reactor(preparing) has 19 members, the team leader is the chairman of our collge Wan Yuanxi.
    At the meeting, the working mechanism of Integration Design Group, 2011 work plan and division of tasks was discussed. Our aim was to accelerate the overall design of Magnetic Confinement Fusion Reactor research and personnel training. Fu Xiaofeng stressed the Integration Design Group: a comprehensive collection, collation, storage, absorption and utilization of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) and the Integration Design of the overall management information. We should carry out the Integration Design of Fusion Reactor, based on Fusion the Integrated Reactor Design. Meanwhile, Fusion Reactor Design proposed training advice and assistance as needed to promote implementation.
    President Zhu made an important speech. He pointed out that USTC as a support unit for the Integration Design Group, USTC would give the Integration Design Group all necessary support for the integration design and create all favorable conditions for the group, he also hoped to enhance the group communication and cooperation between members, promote the development of fusion energy in China.

    The team leader Wanyuanxi described the working mechanism of the Integration Design Group, members of the division of labor and work plan proposed in 2011, the experts had a lively discussion and consensus. Meeting decided to set up the Integration Design of the secretariat, by the Integration Design Group members. Ye Minyou ,the researcher of Hundred project is the secretary of the team, the Secretariat will be responsible for the Integration Design Group's daily operation and organizational management and expert implementation of the resolution and so on.
    Afternoon, the member of Integration Design Group, Associate Dean WU Yican introduced the nuclear experience to recruit and train graduate students of School of Nuclear Science and Technology, how the joint training of graduate students engaged in fusion research.

    Speech of Director of Science and Technology Fu Xiaofeng

    Speech of Vice President of school Zhu Changfei

    Discussion in experts