School of Nuclear Science and Technology Successfully Hold the Experience Science

  • [2011-05-22]
  • Experience Science was held  in May 14-15. It was first time that School of Nuclear Science and Technology opened to the public. The panels and related equipment model were set at the first and the sixth floor of administration building in the Eastern campus.

    At the exhibition area in first floor, nearly sixty richly-illustrated display panels were divided into "Nuclear Science and Technology Introduction", "Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accidents and Impact", "Nuclear Energy and Nuclear Technology and Application of Scientific Knowledge," "Radiation Safety and Protection, "and several sections. Parts of the panels were explained and Public questions were answered. In the model area, vivid model attracted a large number of visitors, everyone was reluctant to leave. At Sixth floor exhibition area, the enthusiastic crowd to explain the positive charge of the volunteers with the exchange interaction, as a beautiful view of the science and technology week.

    The event was a rich community of nuclear science and technology knowledge to guide the Public to understand the Japanese nuclear power plant incident, eliminate the "nuclear secret" caused panic of the people. Nuclear science and technology college took a positive effect.


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