First Workshop on MFE Development Strategy in China held in Beijing

  • [2012-01-17]
  • Ministry of Science and Technology of China (MOST) sponsored the First Workshop on MFE (Magnetic Confinement Fusion Energy) Development Strategy in China was held in Beijing on January 5-6, 2011, marking the launch of the workshop series.

    Altogether, ten participants from Europe, USA, Japan and fifteen experts of the National Integration Design Group for Magnetic Confinement Fusion Reactor (CNMFRDG) attended this workshop including Mr. V. Chuyanov (Deputy Director-General of ITER IO), Mr. P-H. Rebut (the former Director-General of ITER IO), Mr. Y. Shimomura (the former Director-General of ITER IO). Deputy Director Mr. Delong Luo of the China International Nuclear Fusion Energy Program Execution Center addressed welcome speech, and the head of the CNMFRDG Prof. Yuanxi Wan gave a keynote talk.

    26 talks were given during 2-days workshop, focusing on the mission, the type and the physics and engineering basis of China Fusion Engineering Testing Reactor (CFETR). The foreign experts give the advisory suggestion, opinion, comments or proposals for next step of the development of MFE in China. And the domestic experts addressed the preliminary consideration on all aspects of CFETR.

    Finally, the participants made a discussion for summary and conclusion. Chairman Prof. Yuanxi Wan closed the workshop by reviewing the action items, and thanks all the participants for their contribution to the MFE Development Strategy in China.

    Deputy Director Mr. Delong Luo welcomed address

    The former Director-General of ITER IO Mr. P-H. Rebut made reports

    Chairman Prof. Yuanxi Wan closed the workshop

    Part of the experts