Academician WAN Yuanxi gave a presentation about Major Frontier and Applied Research of Nuclear Science and Technology

  • [2014-05-16]
  • On May 10th, 2014, Professor WAN Yuanxi, the academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) and dean of School of Nuclear Science and Technology (SNST), gave a presentation on major frontier and applied research of nuclear science and technology to undergraduates in room 3116 of the third classroom building as a successful seminar of USTC Forum. In this seminar, he introduced the basic scientific research contents and the education situations of every major of SNST. The seminar was held by Mrs. DING Cuiping, the vice secretary of CPC general branch of SNST. Prof.YE Minyou, CHANG Zhenqi and LIU Zuping attended the seminar.


    Firstly, Prof.WAN introduced the research of nuclear science and technology, beginning with the atoms. He pointed out that nuclear strength not only is a high technological strategy, but also symbolizes the strength of national power, after reviewing the development of nuclear in our country.

    Then Prof.WAN presented the major frontier of nuclear science and technology, including nuclear physics, advanced fission reactor research, fusion energy, nuclear fuel, nuclear material, nuclear chemistry, radiation protection, nuclear medicine and so on. Besides that, he introduced the fourth generation reactor and the interesting traveling wave reactor to students. 

    Prof.WAN also talked about situation of SNST, which has seven characteristic specialties, covering fission, fusion, nuclear chemistry, nuclear electronics and so on. As a fast growing school, SNST has already achieved the great support from the leadership of USTC and attracted a good number of excellent experts at home and abroad. Considering the historical situation of employment, graduate education and overseas studying of students, we have a great confidence in the career prospect of our students in SNST, and warmly welcome the students who have interests in nuclear science to join us.

    This seminar is the first specialty introduction of SNST to all of the undergraduate students of USTC since our establishment, which makes more students a better understanding of nuclear science and SNST.    

    (School of Nuclear Science and Technology)