"I show, I wonderful" activity of Girls Festival in USTC was successfully held

  • [2011-07-05]
  • "I show, I wonderful" charismatic activity of Girls Festival in USTC, held by Schools of Nuclear Science and Technology and Life Sciences, brought a beautiful landscape to girls on March 20 ,2011. This kind of activity was held firstly in USTC, beginning with a brilliant hip-hop show which brought a lively atmosphere at the multifunctional hall of western part in USTC.

    This activity provided boys and girls chances showing their charm and individuality. To be accompanied by pop music and applause, handsome boys and beautiful girls showed many wonderful programs to the audiences.

    The whole process of this activity lasted about two hours. Wonderful programs, warm atmosphere, romantic scene and so on gave a good impression to everyone in attendance.

    Besides, this activity improved the communication and cooperation between University of Science and Technology of China and Anhui University, which added pleasure to the campus life of students.