The School of Nuclear Science and Technology of USTC has been set up
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    The School of Nuclear Science and Technology of USTC has been set up

  • [2011-06-20]
  • The School of Nuclear Science and Technology constructed jointly by Hefei Institute of Physical Science ,Chinese Academy of Science and USTC was established and the ceremony of unveiling the name plate was held in  Student Activity Center of West District. Zhan WenLong(vice dean of Chinese Academy of Science), Xu Wu(the secretary of the party committee),HouJianGuo( the President of USTC), Wang YingJian ( the president of Hefei Institute of Physical Science ,Chinese Academy of Science) all took part in unveiling the name plate.
    Many deputies from different units of Chinese Academy of Science and Anhui government department,as well as experts and scholars from more than ten of universities and scientific research institutes were invited to attend the inaugural ceremony.
    The ceremony presider Dou Xiankang firstly read the file about the establishment of Nuclear Science and Technology School and congratulatory letter from Bai Chunli, The deputy secretary of the party of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Executive Vice President. 

    ZhanWenLong addressed in his speech, that the establishment of School of Nuclear Science and Technology would not only drive development of the nuclear industry technology ,but also promote the progress of many related industry technology, to creat good social and economic benefits.

    He hoped School of Nuclear Science and Technology to serve for the country's long-term strategic goals, serve for local economic construction goals, serve for constructing USTC a world class research university, serve for nuclear science and technology application industry of our country  as  technical support.
    Hou JianGuo pointed out in his speech that Nuclear Science and Technology School will train high-end of nuclear technology and management personnel around advanced nuclear power, fusion and the development of emerging nuclear device for our country .
    He hoped School of Nuclear Science and Technology to undertake the important task of developing nuclear science and technology actively, to advance the subject system, to research method innovation, to perfect discipline planning, to be a school with higher scientific research level, deeper embedding of social, more characteristics of discipline construction, more contribute to the social economy development and more influential to  the country and the international nuclear science technology.
    Wan YuanXi ,the first President, representing School of unclear science and technology of the first leadership said that they would make full use of resources and do their best to change School of Nuclear Science and Technology into the first-class nuclear institute of science and technology domestic and abroad.
    There are 69 professors, 64 associate professor, among them, 3 academician, 7 national outstanding youth fund gainer, 14 "one hundred people plan",1 national model teacher in School of Nuclear Science and Technology, and there are four departments which are nuclear science and engineering, nuclear technology application, nuclear medicine, physics and nuclear safety and environment protection respectively, with own complete education system "Bachlor-Master-Doctor", with the postdoctoral research station and "Synchrotron Radiation Doctoral Innovation Center" approved by Ministry of Education.
    To celebrate the establishment of the School of Nuclear Science and Technology, USTC hold a series of report meeting.