Student Activities
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    Student Activities

  • Prospect of the Frontiers of ITER Development and the Exchan...
  • On the night of October 22, 2011, the second activity of theme month “Pass the Torch and Fly the dreams” which is hosted by the League of NSRL and the Graduate Union of SNST, presented by Grade 2011 Master and Doctor program of SNST, the Prospect and Frontiers of ITER Development and Exchange meeting between teachers and students was held in the multifunctional auditorium in the NSRL No.2 building. Academician WAN Yuanxi, the president of SNST, the executive vice-president SHENG Liusi, secretary of Party general branch DONG Sai, the vice-president YE Minyou, vice-secretary of Party general branch DING Cuiping and all the graduate and undergraduates students of SNST attended the meeting. On the night of seven, the present chairman of ITER PCAST Mr WAN made a speech on "the Prospect and Frontiers of ITER development".  In the report, Mr WAN made a detailed introduction on ITER which is the greatest international cooperative project, including the project approval, design, construction and tritium and deuterium fusion experiments in the future and ITER disposal in later period. He also introduced the organization structure of ITER executive council and taught students how to become a member of ITER from the aspect of students' concern. In the end, president Wan and the leaders of SNST answered some questioned raised by students, such as the future of nuclear fusion in China, and the employment of the graduates majored nuclear fusion. This exchange meeting enhanced relationship between teachers and students, made students learned more about the dynamic frontiers of ITER development and got a full vision about nuclear fusion. The teachers and students will devote themselves with great enthusiasm to the construction of China nuclear career.
  • Facing the research & positioning Life
  • In order to help the new graduates of SNST to get a new understanding of development environment of academic and career planning in school life, and learn to develop their career and academic career. SNST held a activity entitled "Facing the research, positioning Life", at Building II Room 130 of the National Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory, on October 26.Mrs Zhu, teacher from the School of Management of USTC, was invited to hold a lecture about scientific research and career planning. Mrs. Zhu talked about the growth experience of several of her outstanding students, shared her experience and insights after many years of work helping students to get more understanding of the school's academic and professional development environment, which guides students to think about their own academic career and how to plan life. She also encouraged students to position their lives as soon as possible.The atmosphere was very lively. The students put forward their questions about their own research and career planning to teacher Zhu, Mrs. Zhu made detailed answers one by one. Mrs. Zhu’s incisive language and sense of humor got warm applause from the students.  
  • Report of “Study the twelfth five-year-plan outline”
  • On Oct 23th, 2011, all undergraduates of SNST attended the activity by the theme of“Study the twelfth five-year-plan outline,which was held at 3324 classroom of the third teaching building in West Campus of USTC. The economy and security Professor WANG Senrong from Department of Management made an introduction report for us. According to the introduction and analysis, we can catch the nation’s news and changes at present and make our career plans attach to the development of the nation better.Professor Wang began his lecture with several outstanding scientists such as DENG Jiaxian, YUAN Longping and WANG Xuan. According to the introduction of their contribution to national defense, rice breeding, Chinese character laser printing, he showed us the attachment between their work and the needs of steady nation’s development. He pointed out that our science students should also get to know the plan of the national development. We can make our personal worth the largest if we grab the time and join in the research against the problems that influent our nation and society mostly.After that, Professor Wang showed us the background of the twelfth five-year-plan outline, contributions that central and local governments made and new problems they met, and some new key points and changes in the plan. Then the development of cultural industry became the center of his lecture. Professor Wang explained this point for us from the political and social needs to the economic conditions with some current events like The Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Movie Festival held in Hefei, and the rapid development of Anhui Times Publishing Company to make his point convincingly. During the lecture, Professor Wang explained us some economic and political nouns.At the end,with the new understanding of the twelfth five-year-plan outline,we showed our appreciation and respect to Mr Wang. Then the first theme activity this year came to its successful endness.
  • Sail the Dreams
  • Study tour of undergraduate to the SINAP
  • August 22, 26undergraduate students of SNST arrived Jiading park of Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics(SINAP) of Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS), nuclear science and technology research base. Li Yan, director of SINAP, and Mrs. Yang welcomed the visiting team. In the following three days, the team attended three lectures, and visited over five laboratories.Afternoon, Li Yan, deputy director of SINAP, gave a lecture names Overview of Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility (SSRF), introduces the entire contents of nuclear science and technology.Morning on august 23, researcher Li Haohu,, deputy director of physics department in SINAP ,gave a lecture on basics of accelerator. Then the team visited the Light Source Technology Lab, Low-temperature Superconducting RF Cavity Technology Lab, Lab of Nuclear Analysis Techniques and Physics-biology Laboratory.Early in the morning, august 24, the studying team came to the photon science research base, Zhangjiang Park of SINAP. He Jianhua, a director of Shanghai Light Source, made a report on experimental methods and applied research with synchrotron radiation. After the report, the team visited the stations of the SSRF with the guide of the researchers. 
  • Graduation commemoration series activities----“Graduation M...
  • On the occasion of graduates leaving school with mixed feelings,they will write down their sentimental attachment to alma mater,and express their thanks to teachers and expectations to lowerclassmen.During 11:00 to 12:30 and 17:00 to 18:30,June 8,the Postgraduate Association of the School of Physical Sciences began to organize the students to leave their words on the Graduation Message Wall at the East Campus Student Activity Center.Then on June 9,the Postgraduate Association of the School of Nuclear Science and Technology went on to organize this activity near the west campus undergraduate restaurants from 11:00 to 12:30 and the west campus postgraduate restaurants from 17:00 to 18:30.There were many students signing and writing down remarks on the wall enthusiastically at the site.In the evening,June 12, the Graduation Message Wall activity was formally held in the waiting hall of the East Campus Auditorium with the SeeYou Graduation Party.Numerous graduates,who came to attend the party,siged on the wall.After several years living and studing in USTC,they are now about to go to another place to go on their life journeys.On June 13,after the activity had ended,the Graduation Message Wall was put at the East Campus Student Activity Center,so that more students would share the graduates' feelings.The activity was an expansion and innovation of the SeeYou Graduation Commemoration Series Activities.It gave more graduates a chance to say their own thinking and express their own gratitude to alma mater and best blessing to the lowerclassmen. 
  • Grateful Mothers' Day
  • May 8, 2011, it is the mother's day. As Mother's Day is coming, the Gratuated Union of SNST plan and organize an activity, "Grateful Mothers' Day", to help the postgraduate to thank their mothers. The Union call on students and teachers to to write down their most sincere blessings on a card, and send them to every mother, as the present of Mothers' Day, the warmest holiday in this season.Many students and teachers take part in this activity. Some get the card and write to say the truth on the spot, "Mon, you bring me up, I love you forever.", "Thank you, mon, wish your happy everyday." The words from the innermost depths of heart, moved the activity organizer. As a student says: "This is the first time to write to my parents, I'll write every year, and I hope they happy as they received the letter."Not only the students but slao the teachers and staffs of SNST and NSRL take part in the activity enthusiasmly. They get one or two Mothers' Day Cards per person, write down the blessing to their mothers, throw the greeting Cards to the recycling bins.With the most simple gifts, we transmit the most sincere feelings. The activity, Grateful mother's Day, get grate evaluation by the teachers and students, it also made a very good effect. To the end of the activity, there are more than three hundred letters, and the Graduate Union will send them, together with warm wishes, to the mothers far away. So far, the Grateful Mother's Day achieve a complete success.
  • "I show, I wonderful" activity of Girls Festival in USTC was...
  • "I show, I wonderful" charismatic activity of Girls Festival in USTC, held by Schools of Nuclear Science and Technology and Life Sciences, brought a beautiful landscape to girls on March 20 ,2011. This kind of activity was held firstly in USTC, beginning with a brilliant hip-hop show which brought a lively atmosphere at the multifunctional hall of western part in USTC.This activity provided boys and girls chances showing their charm and individuality. To be accompanied by pop music and applause, handsome boys and beautiful girls showed many wonderful programs to the audiences.The whole process of this activity lasted about two hours. Wonderful programs, warm atmosphere, romantic scene and so on gave a good impression to everyone in attendance.Besides, this activity improved the communication and cooperation between University of Science and Technology of China and Anhui University, which added pleasure to the campus life of students.