Our Professor Chen Hongli won the "Outstanding Youth of Anhui Province Technology Innovation Award"
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    Our Professor Chen Hongli won the "Outstanding Youth of Anhui Province Technology Innovation Award"

  • [2011-06-29]
  • Chen Hongli, Professor, won the "Outstanding Youth of Anhui Province Technology Innovation Award" recently, and the League Committee, the Provincial Science and Technology Department, the Provincial State, Provincial Associations, Provincial Youth Federation jointly launched the seventh "Anhui Province Youth Science and Technology Innovation Award," the awards ceremony were  held in Hefei.

    Chen Hongli, a Ph.D., Professor, who is the School of Nuclear Science and Technology Assistant Dean in University of Science and Technology of China. She firstly proposed a new concept of fusion reactor in high temperature cladding physical, and she was responsible for organizing the China ITER Test Blanket liquid system security analysis. Professor Chen chaired in more than ten research projects and had published more than thirty five research papers and had been invited to do reports at several international conferences and four national invention patents, won the Anhui Science and Technology Prize for the year 2009, the first prize of Science and Technology Association in the Chinese Nuclear Energy Industry in 2010, and also other awards. She trained and guided more than ten masters and doctors, and her papers had been seen as one of tone hundred most influential academic awards in four consecutive years  in china(2007 ~ 2010).

    "Anhui Province Youth Science and Technology Innovation Award" is awarded to young people who areinscientificand technological innovation  or have made outstanding achievements or showed greatpotential. Named in recognition of activities is designed to recognize, promote technological innovation typical youth in the whole society ,and create a good atmosphere that interest the youth and support their  innovation and entrepreneurship.