Grateful Mothers' Day
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    Grateful Mothers' Day

  • [2011-07-05]
  • May 8, 2011, it is the mother's day. As Mother's Day is coming, the Gratuated Union of SNST plan and organize an activity, "Grateful Mothers' Day", to help the postgraduate to thank their mothers. The Union call on students and teachers to to write down their most sincere blessings on a card, and send them to every mother, as the present of Mothers' Day, the warmest holiday in this season.

    Many students and teachers take part in this activity. Some get the card and write to say the truth on the spot, "Mon, you bring me up, I love you forever.", "Thank you, mon, wish your happy everyday." The words from the innermost depths of heart, moved the activity organizer. As a student says: "This is the first time to write to my parents, I'll write every year, and I hope they happy as they received the letter."

    Not only the students but slao the teachers and staffs of SNST and NSRL take part in the activity enthusiasmly. They get one or two Mothers' Day Cards per person, write down the blessing to their mothers, throw the greeting Cards to the recycling bins.

    With the most simple gifts, we transmit the most sincere feelings. The activity, Grateful mother's Day, get grate evaluation by the teachers and students, it also made a very good effect. To the end of the activity, there are more than three hundred letters, and the Graduate Union will send them, together with warm wishes, to the mothers far away. So far, the Grateful Mother's Day achieve a complete success.