Report of “Study the twelfth five-year-plan outline”
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    Report of “Study the twelfth five-year-plan outline”

  • [2011-11-23]
  • On Oct 23th, 2011, all undergraduates of SNST attended the activity by the theme of“Study the twelfth five-year-plan outline,which was held at 3324 classroom of the third teaching building in West Campus of USTC. The economy and security Professor WANG Senrong from Department of Management made an introduction report for us. According to the introduction and analysis, we can catch the nation’s news and changes at present and make our career plans attach to the development of the nation better.

    Professor Wang began his lecture with several outstanding scientists such as DENG Jiaxian, YUAN Longping and WANG Xuan. According to the introduction of their contribution to national defense, rice breeding, Chinese character laser printing, he showed us the attachment between their work and the needs of steady nation’s development. He pointed out that our science students should also get to know the plan of the national development. We can make our personal worth the largest if we grab the time and join in the research against the problems that influent our nation and society mostly.

    After that, Professor Wang showed us the background of the twelfth five-year-plan outline, contributions that central and local governments made and new problems they met, and some new key points and changes in the plan. Then the development of cultural industry became the center of his lecture. Professor Wang explained this point for us from the political and social needs to the economic conditions with some current events like The Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Movie Festival held in Hefei, and the rapid development of Anhui Times Publishing Company to make his point convincingly.

    During the lecture, Professor Wang explained us some economic and political nouns.At the end,with the new understanding of the twelfth five-year-plan outline,we showed our appreciation and respect to Mr Wang. Then the first theme activity this year came to its successful endness.