Facing the research & positioning Life
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    Facing the research & positioning Life

  • [2011-11-23]
  • In order to help the new graduates of SNST to get a new understanding of development environment of academic and career planning in school life, and learn to develop their career and academic career. SNST held a activity entitled "Facing the research, positioning Life", at Building II Room 130 of the National Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory, on October 26.

    Mrs Zhu, teacher from the School of Management of USTC, was invited to hold a lecture about scientific research and career planning. Mrs. Zhu talked about the growth experience of several of her outstanding students, shared her experience and insights after many years of work helping students to get more understanding of the school's academic and professional development environment, which guides students to think about their own academic career and how to plan life. She also encouraged students to position their lives as soon as possible.

    The atmosphere was very lively. The students put forward their questions about their own research and career planning to teacher Zhu, Mrs. Zhu made detailed answers one by one. Mrs. Zhu’s incisive language and sense of humor got warm applause from the students.