Prospect of the Frontiers of ITER Development and the Exchange Meeting
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    Prospect of the Frontiers of ITER Development and the Exchange Meeting

  • [2011-11-26]
  • On the night of October 22, 2011, the second activity of theme month “Pass the Torch and Fly the dreams” which is hosted by the League of NSRL and the Graduate Union of SNST, presented by Grade 2011 Master and Doctor program of SNST, the Prospect and Frontiers of ITER Development and Exchange meeting between teachers and students was held in the multifunctional auditorium in the NSRL No.2 building. Academician WAN Yuanxi, the president of SNST, the executive vice-president SHENG Liusi, secretary of Party general branch DONG Sai, the vice-president YE Minyou, vice-secretary of Party general branch DING Cuiping and all the graduate and undergraduates students of SNST attended the meeting.

    On the night of seven, the present chairman of ITER PCAST Mr WAN made a speech on "the Prospect and Frontiers of ITER development".  In the report, Mr WAN made a detailed introduction on ITER which is the greatest international cooperative project, including the project approval, design, construction and tritium and deuterium fusion experiments in the future and ITER disposal in later period. He also introduced the organization structure of ITER executive council and taught students how to become a member of ITER from the aspect of students' concern. In the end, president Wan and the leaders of SNST answered some questioned raised by students, such as the future of nuclear fusion in China, and the employment of the graduates majored nuclear fusion.

    This exchange meeting enhanced relationship between teachers and students, made students learned more about the dynamic frontiers of ITER development and got a full vision about nuclear fusion. The teachers and students will devote themselves with great enthusiasm to the construction of China nuclear career.