Conference of undergraduate teaching in SNST
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    Conference of undergraduate teaching in SNST

  • [2011-11-26]
  • Conference of undergraduate teaching in School of Nuclear Science and Technology (SNST) was held on November 14. It was attended by the teaching head, head teachers and faculty. Wan Yuanxi, Dean of SNST, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, presided over the meeting.

    Sheng Liusi, Vice-Dean of SNST, first notified the school teaching requirements, in which teachers of both teaching posts and research posts must undertake teaching tasks. He said "Undergraduate education is quite significant thus every teacher should play an active role in it."

    Zhenqi Chang, Manager of teaching Office of SNST, gave a detailed report on the new training program in the undergraduate curriculum. He also raised requirements for the implementation issues of professional courses: First, each teacher must undertake more than 80 hours of teaching tasks; Second, we should assume the task of teaching during the introduction of talent in our school; Third, cooperation with other schools and departments is also essential to ensure quality of undergraduate teaching.

    Hao Zhang, Secretary of teaching Office of SNST, gave a report about the undergraduate enrollment clean-up progress. He also notified that the new training program in the undergraduate curriculum has been completed. At last, he emphasized that we should give more attention to students to help them with their problems in study.

    Zuping Liu, head teacher of 2009 class, supervisor of the teaching affairs of USTC, introduced the learning progress of his class and analysed the reason of the learning problems of his class. Then members in the conference participated in a lively discussion on helping students with learning difficulties, strategies and methods for the exchange.

    Cuiping ding, Deputy president of Party of SNST, introduced students work of this semester. She said, "The teaching office and the head teachers have held lots seminar to solve the learning problems of students."

    Dean Wan listened to the teacher's report and pointed out, "Our school has paid great attention to undergraduate teaching affairs; We should discuss the problems in the teaching affairs and solve them as soon as possible." He also said, "Since we have much more students these two years, we're faced with challenges from both teaching and management. We should make concerted effort to help our students in study."

    The conference of the undergraduate teaching was successful with clear requirements made in teaching procedures and management.