Dr. Jeff Candy (General Atomics) visit SNST
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    Dr. Jeff Candy (General Atomics) visit SNST

  • [2015-04-03]
  • March 26 to 31, Dr. Jeff Candy, manager of the Turbulence and Transport group, US General Atomics, was invited to visit School of Nuclear Science and Technology (SNST), USTC, for a week of academic communication. Series of lectures were held, dozens of teachers and students form SNST, Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences(ASIPP)attended the lectures and discussion.

    fig. expert group

    Dr. Candy started the lectures from derivation oftransport equations based on new classical theory, gyro-kinetic theory, PBM-KBM pedestal theory. And then provides detailed information on turbulent transport code GYRO, NEO, TGLF, TGYRO etc. Finally, he systematically introduced the use and typical applications of OMFIT and GACODE tools.

    Dr. Candy has dedicated in fusion researchwork for many years in GA.Hisresearch work in DIII-D tokamak has accumulated him a wealth of experience of theoretical and practical experience. Dr. Candy made some deep discussions and shared his extensive experience in the field of turbulence code to related researchers, promote the further cooperation and communication in fusion related fields.